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Fourth day at the festival (Dinesh)

An eclectic day today with biology, psychology, mathematics and Bill Bryson. I started with Victoria Herridge’s talk on insular dwarfism and gigantism. It was a very interesting talk with visual aids and lots of audience participation. We looked at how dwarfism evolves when otherwise large animals are isolated by changes in sea levels. The fossil … Continue reading

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Who are you? By Anna

What’s your name? What’s the date? Where are you? Imagine you can hear and understand these questions, yet don’t have the ability to respond. Christian Schwarzbauer, Daniel Bor and Martin Farrell asked and gave possibilities for answers to these questions, recognising ways in which consciousness can be measured, ethical implications along with this and the … Continue reading

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Why do some people become psychopaths?

Ted Bundy. An American serial killer who has confessed to killing 30 Victims between 1974 and 1978. The number is thought to be much higher than this. Cases such as this have provided insight into psychopathic characteristics, and Essi Veding takes us through the current understanding of how children may develop these characteristics, and ultimately … Continue reading